Profession: graphic designer
This book cover, pulp magazine/ old comics style, is born as a joke. With a friend, Gaële "Nueva Vista", we wanted to create some posters about our dream jobs, but with a tint of reality, to contrast with the perfect setups seen on social medias.

I started with the job I know the most: graphic design. And this picture is very close to my own setup: I want it to be clean and pretty and it always end up in a mess!

The style is inspired by my love for the aesthetic of old comic books (from the 50's to the 80's) and pulp magazine covers.

The "articles titles" are (sadly?) often heard sentences when you are a graphic designer : 
- "There is to much white"
- "My nephew will do it for free"
- "It's for yesterday!"
- "I want my logo bigger!"
Thank you for reading!
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